Giraffe Consulting helps companies develop winning strategies, become more customer-focused and gain competitive advantage. We help businesses focus, identify opportunities, set realistic objectives, prioritise actions and implement their strategic plans.


The support we provide is strategic and practical. Our role is to help you manage the strategy journey:

  • stimulate and challenge your thinking
  • identify the right opportunities for growth and investment
  • encourage strategic focus and choice
  • develop a well thought-out strategy and action plan
  • convert strategy into operational reality
  • define the capabilities you must build
  • strengthen your strategy and business development processes
  • equip your team with the skills to execute your plan successfully


We facilitate strategy workshops to help our clients create effective strategy. The most critical elements of creating a successful strategy are identifying the strategic priorities through focus and choice, and committing to them. Our role is to:

  • encourage senior managers to look from a customer and market perspective
  • thoroughly assess customer and market trends and developments
  • agree on very specific objectives and one or two key areas for focus 
  • identify the critical actions required which will lead to favourable outcomes
  • produce a plan detailing tasks, responsibilities, timescales and costs, which effectively marshals efforts and resources around the agreed strategy

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