Giraffe Consulting's team has considerable experience working with entrepreneurs and early stage companies. We help young companies develop a robust go-to-market strategy, gain business skills and confidence, and achieve success in winning sales.  


We help young businesses in several ways:

  • developing an effective go-to-market strategy
  • improving their marketing and sales skills
  • giving them the confidence to pitch to customers

Typically, the first step of a project is to assess market demand and market potential.  Based on this evidence,  we develop a robust and practical commercialisation action plan, then help implement this and bring the technology to market.


Giraffe Consulting delivered the Commercial Breakthrough Service for Scottish Enterprise. 

This project helped early stage technology companies improve their marketing and sales effectiveness and increase sales.

A key element of our work was raising awareness of the importance of managing the marketing and sales process.

The programme improved the skills and confidence of the companies and resulted in a ROI of 5.6:1.

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